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With a busy practice based in Oxshott, Surrey, I specialise in collaborating with clients who have the desire to invest in exceptional design, to create stunning gardens tailored to their lifestyle.


A previously cherished garden might require a rejuvenating touch, now that the family has fled the nest, or perhaps it's showing signs of distress following construction work. There could be neglected areas that appear daunting to address.


I can breathe fresh vitality, meaning, and elegance into weary, neglected, or challenging areas, crafting gardens that encourage exploration and offer a haven for relaxation, socialising, family fun, or simply unwinding.


I qualified at one of the top Garden Design Schools. I am a registered member of the Society Of Garden Designers. I have an RHS Certificate in Horticulture and a Specialist Diploma in Plants and Planting Design. I have a passion for plants and outdoor spaces as well as a love for Naturalistic Planting.  Additionally, I am passionate about crafting designs that maintain year round visual appeal. 


My design approach is innovative and contemporary bringing your Garden Design aspirations to life.


Grow Your Vision

Are you inspired by your garden?

Do you have lots of ideas but don't know where to start?

Do you need help with ideas?

Does the planting in your garden bring you joy?

Are you looking for creative design solutions?

Do you want to create a magical space for you and your family?

Do you want to invest and have the garden you deserve?


Gardens and take them from the ordinary to the extraordinary

Gardens which are innovative and imaginative

Gardens which are exciting for you and your family

Gardens which encourage exploration and you want to spend time in

Gardens with beautiful, imaginative planting schemes 

Gardens which you can enjoy every day of the year


We have lots of experience and a broad knowledge of design and plants.

We offer a highly professional service.

We are friendly and approachable.

We make your Garden Design aspirations a reality.


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