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A front garden in Barnes, South West London. Perennial planting with evergreen surround.

Front Garden in Barnes, South West London. A simple planting to achieve a very pretty summer planting bed. Including white and purple Salvias and evergreen Ilex crenata. Tulips have been planted to showcase this bed in the Spring.

Planting Plan for borders, including Standard Bay trees

Planting for a small garden in Barnes. Including soft pink and white perennials, shrubs and Standard Bay Trees which will be filling out in a couple of weeks. To extend seasonal interest a number of white and pink tulips were planted.

Planting Plan, including purple and white Salvias and Hydrangea "Runaway Bride" beyond in the brick

Purple and white Salvias with Hydrangea "Runaway Bride" planted in the raised brick planter behind.

We were asked to do Planting Plans for the Front and Rear Garden of this beautiful Victorian Family home in Barnes, South West London. The front garden has a centre Diamond Bed and a front brick wall with raised bed. Purple and White Salvias are used and surrounded with evergreen Ilex crenata which give all year structure. The front raised bed was planted with Hydrangea "Runaway Bride," along with three standard Bays to add height and structure. Tulips were also planted to add seasonal interest. 
The rear garden is a mixture of Formal and Informal. Evergreen Domes are used in varied sizes
which give the border good structure and all year interest. In addition three Standard Bay Trees have been planted in each bed. The beds almost mirror each other but there are subtle changes to allow for the different aspects. The client loves Tulips so these have been planted generously in both beds to give seasonal interest.

Project Year: 2020

Project Cost: £7,501 - £10,000

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