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Upper terrace/patio area Sith steps in Faro Porcelain paving. Water Feature beyond surrounded by pla

New upper terrace showing steps and water feature in the distance. Paving 'Faro Porcelain'

Large slate water sphere, surrounded with a slate base and evergreen Ilex crenata.

Corner steps leading up to Water Feature and Kitchen area. Steps make a beautiful design feature.

Corner steps with deep tread and Water feature .

Upper terrace / patio area looking out to lawn and dining area.

View of dining area beyond.

Soft perennial planting. Gaura lindheimeri 'karaoke white'

Gaura lindheimeri 'karaoke white'

Beautiful multi stemmed Amelanchier lamarckii surrounded by perennial planting and evergreen shrubs

Multi stem Amelanchier lamarckii tree.

View back to the house showing dining terrace, water feature and planting.

View from end of the garden.

A beautiful deep crimson Clematis cascading.

A splash of colour from this beautiful deep crimson clematis.

Perennial plants, Gaura lindheimeri 'karaoke white'

Gaura lindheimeri 'karaoke white'

Esher Garden

The main objective for this design was to create a comfortable patio area for a couple in their fifties and sixties. Due to an kitchen extension being built, they had lost their old patio. It was also very dated which was more than apparent once their lovely kitchen was in place. They have two twin grandchildren who visit regularly and they needed the area to be safe and accommodating. Key to the design was incorporating a Water Feature. The house was elevated from the lawn which meant steps were necessary. We took this opportunity to use the steps as a design feature and make them look elegant and integrated. Additionally, the client wanted two existing paths, one from the side access and the other leading to the shed, to be included.
We created a paving area across the width of the house with steps down to the lawn from two separate areas. We moved the steps from outside the lounge area to the left and made them considerably wider. We felt these were much safer and broke up the space more informally than having them central to the lounge doors. It also gives continuity from the side access path. The other steps lead from the Kitchen down to the lawn. We decided to locate the Water Sphere reasonably close to the house so it could be enjoyed from inside as well as outside. We wanted to encourage my clients to move into the garden and therefore decided to put the patio area slightly beyond the steps, where they could relax with their grandchildren playing on the lawn.
We created new planting areas to soften the hard landscaping and broke up the paving areas by using a small set. A light coloured Porcelain Paving slab was used which could be easily cleaned. We managed to reuse some of the clients existing plants on the right hand border but in the end the border was mostly redesigned with a planting plan to suit a mixed border with evergreen shrubs exhibiting different textures and forms and perennials with a colour palette of white, soft pink and a splash of deep red/pink.

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