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Garden Design Process

Each garden design we take on is unique and lends itself to the individuality of the client, the architecture of the house & the sites settings. 



We work through a number of stages, from our initial meeting with the client, through to the construction of the garden. Theses are as follows; 





We will visit you at your home and have a brief  discussion about your requirements for your garden and the budget you have in mind for the project. We like to take a walk through your garden to get a feel for the space. The discussion we have at this initial meeting will form the basis of a written client brief. Written documentation explaining the process & costs will be forwarded to you.


A basic survey will need to be carried out. If the site is large or complex, a land surveyor should be instructed. In this instance we can recommend someone reputable to carry out the work. The survey is essential as it forms the basis of the design. It will record buildings, level changes, trees, utilities /services etc.  A series of photographs is also taken.



An in-depth site analysis is made from the survey findings. With this information, along with the client  brief we are able to begin designing. The design elements are placed conceptually to produce the first stages of a cohesive functional design. Further refinement and additional methods are used to produce a sketch plan/design scheme proposal. With the aid of computer modelling we are able to produce hand rendered perspective drawings of your proposed design. Mood boards are also provided to aid with visualisation. These visuals act as a discussion point between the designer and the client.




Once the final design is agreed, a final Master Plan is drawn up. A series of detailed Computer Aided Design (CAD) construction drawings are now produced which detail every aspect of the project. These drawings show detailed measurements and  the new design elements of your garden: pergolas, water features, steps, terraces, drainage design, irrigation and lighting systems... etc. These drawings are essential for the landscape contractor to build your design accurately and to the highest of standards. Finally, a setting out plan is drawn up as well as a detailed specification document. (Click here to view examples of construction drawings and setting out drawings.)


The above documents and drawings are sent to two or three landscape construction companies who are invited to qoute for the work. We use fully insured and reputable companies to maintain high standards and quality of work. This process allows for the scheme to be costed and built accurately.


Soil samples are taken from various areas of the garden. This ensures the right plants are selected for the site. Aspect and light conditions are also considered. Detailed planting plans are produced, showing plant names, quantities and spacing. We have links with specialists nurseries which ensures we are able to source a wide selection of plants. A schedule of plants is produced and forwarded to the relevant nurseries. The plants are placed and planted according to the plan. Plant maintenance schedules can be produced to secure the longevity of the plants.

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